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Simultaneously to the on-page optimization works, professional SEO involves off-page activities.
Promotion in search engines is a series of systematic activities done off-page (outside the targeted domain), which goal is to increase the popularity of the website and as a result – systematic growth and the stability of its position in search results.

Leading search engines perceive those websites which are most frequently cited as popular – which on the Internet means most often linked to – from valuable, thematically connected sources. That is why off-page SEO activities are often based to the largest degree on so called link building - the process of creating strong Web environment of the promoted website through linking from trusted web pages, including thematic pages or websites catalogues.
Examples of valuable web pages helpful in effective linking might be the catalogues of popular news portals, such as or or the catalogue of companies which is a part of our original website KRS Online. It is Companies House (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) in its electronic version, currently including over 750 thousand entities in the database from all of the industries of the economy. KRS Online is currently widely used by most of the institutions and potential business partners as a reliable source of information on Polish companies. Constant growth of popularity resulted in KRS Online being visited over 1 million times a month and acquiring over 500 thousand unique users (source: Raport Internet 2K12 and Google Analytics). The reliability and usability of the KRS online website make the catalogue, constituting its part, a very strong tool for natural linking, which is a goal of SEO.

The process of quality linking and posting websites in valuable catalogues may be accompanied by content promotion, which is content marketing, strategy in search engines. It is the part of the off-page SEO activities involving preparation of unique, factual materials about the company, brand or products demanded by the users with respect to the rules of SEO Copywriting.
The goal is to create the content for potential Clients (not crawlers) which are – worth linking and distributing, for instance on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

The range of the activities taken might be very broad depending on the campaign goals and industry characteristics. Amongst the popular activities are, for instance: posting articles on the industry blogs, case studies, infographics publications, answers to the questions most frequently asked by the Clients (so called FAQ). In many cases the users will appreciate longer forms such as guidebooks on the products or e-books – the users will often share such content and create natural, demanded links to the web page. A good medium might be a corporate channel on YouTube and the videos published on it. Valuable content from the point of view of the user and SEO process are also entries on the brands profile in social media, comments in the discussions on thematic message boards. Content marketing also draws from the traditional public relations tools – the publication of sponsored or journalists' articles provides the content from involved readers, quite often widely commented and cited.

According to Bill Gates, what is believed to be a great maxim for SEO based on valuable content and which is confirmed by Google algorithms updates, Content is King (after Examiner). Launching content marketing within SEO activities is characteristic for fully developed Web visibility strategies aiming at building long-term relations with the users. It allows to realize several important marketing goals. Interesting materials on the brand or the products draw attention of potential customers with the topic itself, build trust for the company as an authority in its area and create involvement, also sales. Over half of the respondents admit, that blogs about products influence their purchase decision and as much as 61% of the Internet users more willingly make a purchase when the visited website includes valuable and unique information (source: Mindjumpers). Also, the role of social media in building content valuable from the point of view of SEO keeps growing – 60% of the content shared on social platforms involves links to external sources (source: AOL).

In Sunrise System we put systematic building of the website value on the Web over quick and superficial effects. That is why during the optimization process as well as the off-page activities (outside the targeted domain) we strongly reject the unfair methods, such as link exchange systems, software spamming the Web by automatic posting of the links on blogs and message boards or adding the web page to thousands of worthless catalogues. Although every link has bigger or smaller value for the rank of the website in search results, the high quality links are much more valuable and allow to achieve long-term results, and what is the most important – do not bear any risk for the promoted website.

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